Newsmeter: Your Guide for Accurate and Timely News

Share transforms the way you receive, read and present news.

Newsmeter creates order amidst the chaos of a global newsfeed, where there is peace at home and war abroad; where there is prosperity in one country and poverty in another; where there is technological supremacy in one city and primitive tools in another; where presidential candidates vie for power, and political parties compete for the spoils of victory; where there is always something happening in this or that part of the world.

Newsmeter customizes the information you need — it is the daily briefing book a president would review, and the summary a CEO would scrutinize — because, regardless of the domain, the material Newsmeter gathers and arranges is what you need to be a responsive leader.

Think about the implications of this service.

Think about the technical wizardry responsible for indexing more than 20,000 news portals every 5 minutes, in which you get breaking news about the Olympics, the forthcoming debut of the latest iPhone, confirmation involving an impending corporate merger, or field reports concerning civil unrest throughout Europe and the Middle East. Think, too, about the real-time alerts that keep you apprised of every relevant (to you) situation within any number of categories.

The analysis about this or that story is also news; it shows you how an announcement trends among a specific group, how a speech resonates among a particular constituency, how words — the currency of communication — attract one audience and repel another.

That intelligence is invaluable because it is impossible to do manually; it is too costly to do on your own, and too difficult to start without a team of coders and engineers.

With Newsmeter, you get instant updates about the public figures you follow, the competitors you must follow, and the men and women you want to follow. You have the chance to be an informed — and active — citizen, one with a stake in matters both foreign and domestic.

Receiving this information, which is both timely and accurate, can make you a more effective leader, certainly a more informed executive, who must address matters of moral significance and monetary soundness.

Newsmeter is your means of making those decisions without any doubts or delays. It is your media resource; it is your reference guide involving the stories you want to read, as well as the articles you must read.


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