How a Media Monitoring Company Can Ensure an Effective PR Campaign


One thing people may not consider when planning a PR campaign is the role a media monitoring company can play in helping ensure the campaign is a success.

What is media monitoring? Think of a media monitoring company as your personal private eye, constantly on the hunt for any mention of your business, good or bad.

Word of mouth has always been an important aspect of how people find out about businesses. But the internet has radically transformed word of mouth — in fact, it’s made word of mouth more powerful than ever. A good review of your business has the power to bring in tons of new business … and a bad review has the power to lose your scores of potential customers.

That’s one way a media monitoring company can be useful — monitoring negative mentions of your business on social media or websites, giving you an opportunity to respond and mitigate any potential damage. Additionally, a media monitoring company can help you spot mention of your business in newspapers and other media.

Here’s where the beauty of word of mouth’s migration to the internet becomes totally apparent. Before you had no idea when people were talking about your company … you weren’t privy to the conversation and you weren’t a part of the conversation.

These days, though, there’s nothing stopping you from joining in on the conversation … as long as you know it’s going on. The internet has empowered business owners to interact with their customers, both existing and potential, like never before.

With PR campaigns specifically, media monitoring is an absolutely essential way of engaging the campaign’s success. The goal of any good PR campaign is to get out a message about your business and to get people talking about it. A media monitoring company can help you find out if that’s happening.

For example, let’s say you send out a press release to thousands of newspapers, blogs and other media organizations throughout the country. Can you really keep track of thousands of different outlets to see if they’re picking up your message? Sure, you might track a few of the largest media organizations, but a media monitoring company can stay abreast of each and every one of these media outlets to see if they’re picking up your message — and if they don’t, they can follow up with them to see if there’s anything you can do to facilitate getting media coverage.

A media monitoring company can also monitor various social media channels to see if your PR campaign is generating discussions among people, good or bad. Say a PR campaign backfires, and people start making fun of it on social media. A media monitoring company can alert you so you can respond to the people talking about your company, and possibly take your PR campaign in another direction.

The power of the internet is a blessing and a curse. When you don’t have the means to monitor the various conversations taking place about your company in the midst of a PR campaign, it can feel a lot more like a curse than a blessing. But by putting your trust in an experienced media monitoring company, you can ensure your PR campaign has the positive impact you need to make your business a success.

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